Calgary Kitchen Renovation Procedure

We complete your kitchen renovation in the following order:
  • Client to remove and store food, utensils, crockery and appliances.
  • Carnegie to secure plastic sheeting across doorways to block dust and create ‘walkways’ to stop dirt being tracked through other areas.
  • Protect existing flooring with Ram Board
  • Dismantle and remove the existing kitchen, including appliances, cabinetry, cabinet tops, back splash, light fixtures, sinks, taps, finishes and floor coverings as required.
  • If making structural changes (resizing doors or windows, knocking down interior walls, adding skylights etc an Engineers report is required), these jobs come next.
  • Required demolition and new framing as per the new plan layout.
  • Configure electrical and plumbing services. (inspections required prior to boarding)
  • Install new drywall, tape, texture and prime walls.
  • Install cabinetry
  • Install counter top and back splash
  • Add floor coverings
  • Install Appliances
  • Seal surfaces and paint
  • Clean and re-stock

Structural Alterations

  • If structural work is required in your kitchen renovation, call in Carnegie Contracting Inc. early to coordinate the job and ensure it’s done correctly.
  • Structural alterations such as adding a window, door or skylight, removing a load-bearing wall to open up the space or adding a breakfast bar are best done by licensed, insured professionals and require an Engineers report prior to proceeding with the work.
  • Prior consultation ensures proposed alterations are feasible and legal, avoiding potentially costly errors and structural failure.
  • Note that a kitchen renovation can be noisy, messy and potentially hazardous. We do our best to keep all these to a minimum by working within the legal working hours as outlined by the city and clean up at the end of each day.
  • Allow one to three weeks for the construction phase, depending on the scope of the job (Once cabinets are installed the counter tops will be templated and then placed into production. At this point there will be a 7–10 business day wait until install due to the manufacturing process.


  • We supply our plumber with a detailed floorplan well ahead of time for estimating purposes.
  • When selecting fixtures discuss plumbing options such as adding Eco-friendly fittings and systems, Solar hot water services, boiler systems, water-saving taps and water softeners before finalizing your plans.
  • Following structural work, We schedule our plumber to install or reposition pipes, drains, plumbing fixtures and water heating units to the new locations as per the plan and specifications. Allow one to four days, depending on the complexity of the job.
  • We will reschedule our plumber late in a kitchen renovation to install appliances and fittings such as dishwashers, sinks, faucets and water filters etc. as per the plumbing contract.


  • We schedule an electrician early in a kitchen renovation, following structural work but before drywall.
  • We ensure all new electrical runs and service requirements are feasible, given the existing circuitry.
  • Note that in apartments with concrete ceilings, embedded ceiling spots and exhaust fans may be costly or unfeasible, while cross-hatched rafters or inadequate roof and wall cavity space may affect their positioning.
  • We reschedule our electrician late in a kitchen renovation to hook up necessary appliances, light fixtures, plugs and switches..


  • Once all the required inspections are complete we continue with the process of installing the drywall, tape, ceiling texture and wall prime.

Carpentry & Cabinetry

  • We order cabinetry well in advance to ensure the cabinets are available prior to starting the renovation.
  • Once the cabinets are confirmed we will schedule a start date for the renovation. (We wait for confirmation to prevent any undue delays in the renovation due to shipping or any other unforeseen issues)
  • We allow anywhere from 3 to 8 days to install depending on the size and scope of the project.
  • Once the renovation is coming to an end we have the cabinet installer back to install and adjust cabinet doors and closers and install toe kick and any required trim work.

Counter Tops & Back Splash

  • If your kitchen renovation requires stone, marble stainless steel, hardwood or imported counter tops and back splash we order them well in advance to ensure the product is here for manufacturing/install when required.
  • Counter top installation will be anywhere from 7-10 days after cabinet install to allow for templating and manufacturing.
  • Back splash in glass, tile, stone, treated wood or stainless-steel are installed following the counter tops.


  • As kitchens are heavily trafficked and subject to spillages, floors should be hard-wearing and properly sealed. New-generation linoleum, LVP Luxury Vinyl Plank, stone, tile, rendered concrete, treated hardwood, cork and bamboo are all suitable kitchen flooring.
  • The time and labour involved in laying new flooring depends on the materials you choose, and the subsurface preparation required. Some materials require excavation of existing substrate or substantial preparation, while others need careful installation or repeated sealing.
  • Wood, cork, bamboo, slate, tile and lino floors are generally laid late in a kitchen renovation, after installing cabinetry and back splash. (depending on whether the new floor surface extends beneath it, we may install prior to cabinets, which is not the preferred method due to the increased risk of flooring damage).
  • If we are laying stone or tiles we allow a day or two to dry then grout, seal and re-dry before installing appliances.
  • With wooden site finished floors, allow time to apply varnish and let it harden before installing appliances.

Sinks, Faucets, Dishwasher, etc. Installation

  • We reschedule the plumber after the back splash is installed to fit sinks, faucets, and water filtration systems etc.
  • The plumber will also install, connect and test the dishwasher at this time.


  • Painting is generally a short, simple job – in a kitchen renovation it’s performed next to last.
  • All finishes are covered to protect from possible paint drips or splatter.
  • We apply 2 coats of finish paint.
  • We suggest, air the room before restocking the kitchen. (We do use a Low VOC compliant latex paint)


  • Once we are complete the renovation it is ready for a clean. All dust and flooring protection is removed, job site cleaned and ready for restocking of the cabinets.

** This is a detailed generalization of the process we use. The materials, installation and specifications stated in your scope of work will determine the processes for your specific job.

Environmental Considerations

To ensure your kitchen renovation makes the room more eco-friendly, consider:

  • Water-saving taps
  • Energy-efficient (star-rated) appliances
  • A solar hot water service
  • Energy-efficient lighting
  • A waste recycling unit
  • Eco-friendly finishes/flooring
  • Install high-quality shut-off valves on piping and provide easy access to them through walls or floors.
  • Use high-quality materials, fittings and fixtures.
  • Insulate cold and hot water pipes with a minimum RSI-0.7 (R-4) insulation.
  • Run plumbing inside the air barrier system, or, if piping must pass through the barrier, properly seal the joint with acoustical caulking (or other appropriate material), and ensure it is structurally supported. Kitchen
  • Install WaterSense® tap or faucet aerators (5.7 litres per minute (lpm) / 1.5 gallons per minute (gpm) or less).
  • Ensure aerator or faucet has flow regulation settings or a hands-free faucet
  • Avoid a sink garbage disposal unit – use compost or kitchen waste programs instead.
  • Select an ENERGY STAR® dishwasher (as little as 15 litres per cycle / 4 gallons per cycle).
  • Chose a dishwasher with a timer, a heat on/off setting, or a smart sensor.
  • Install an ENERGY STAR® fridge.
  • Install shut-off valves in under the sink faucet and dishwasher. Bathroom
  • Install WaterSense® tap or faucet aerators (5.7 lpm / 1.5 gpm or less).
  • Make a new construction solar ready more easily to accept solar water heating systems in the future. Laundry and Mechanical Rooms
  • Install water pressure regulator(s); set to 310-380 kPa (45-55 psi).

“Terrific people to work with and excellent workmanship. Bill and Will went out of their way to make sure we knew what was going on and that we were happy with the finished product. I’ve already recommended them to friends.”

Scott Dalton

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